Hey, glad you are here! I’m Laurie and thanks for checking out my site! The latest news is that I released my new concept album. If you want a few details please read on!

We have lost many musicians to drugs, alcohol and suicide (suicide brought on by addiction.) I wanted to understand why these talented individuals walked a dark path so I started to research. I found that although each artist had their own individual differences, it did seem that they all had one thing in common; disdain for their own popularity.

Fame gave these artist’s adoration, money and opportunity. However, I found fame also gave these artists restrictions artistically which became a disturbing entity in its own illusiveness.

As a recovering alcoholic and musician, I wanted to tell the story of fame through the eyes of the artist. My intent is to expand the perspective of the listener, to heighten their empathy and understanding of “the famous” in addiction.

Increasing ones knowledge lends itself to developing deeper discussions and richer relationships. I hope this album gives you a positive experience and one that generates additional thought.