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Midwest area musician Laurie J Potter won’t settle for anything less than to take the world by storm. Growing up with a musical family Laurie had a lot of exposure to different styles of music which served her well when composing her own songs. She’s originally from a suburb just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to the Minnesota Twin Cities area where she resides today.

Laurie’s music lovin’ supporters describe her pop/rock musical style as a blend between artists Poe and Aimee Mann. Her tone is dark with intense lyrics expressing a unique way of looking at the world. She will draw you in with her strong melodies, low flowing vocals and harmonies.

She is no newcomer to the music scene having released her first cd “Free” in 2005 and second cd in 2011. Her second cd “Infrared” gained international notice with her song “Again” receiving radio play in Holland and with her cd overall garnering favorable reviews, one of them coming from the long time standing UK publication “Classic Rock Society.”

2017 marks the year for Laurie to embark on yet another new musical odyssey. Keeping with her “real life perspective” theme, Laurie is excited to go back into the studio and focus her energies on creating music that is emotionally genuine with lyrics that reflect the nature of our humanness.

Laurie loves the independent musician. Knowing there is so much musical talent out in the universe she encourages other fellow musicians to embrace the internet platform and the opportunities it offers. Laurie’s goal is to develop a real connection with people. She hopes her music can help people understand a life event or express feelings they may not be able to understand or express themselves, ultimately providing them with a sense of release and/or empowerment.