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Midwest area songwriter/musician Laurie J Potter is passionate about finding innovative ways to incorporate music in her life and the lives of others. By growing up in a musical family, Laurie is quite “bimusical” having been exposed to multiple genres which serves her well when writing her own music. She’s originally from a suburb just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to the Minnesota Twin Cities area where she resides today.

Supporters of Laurie’s music describe her style as a blend between artists Poe, Aimee Mann and Joni Mitchell. Her dark tone and lyrics express a unique way of looking at the world. She will draw you in with her strong melodies, low flowing vocals and harmonies.

She is no new comer to the music scene having released her first cd “Free” in 2005 and second in 2011. Her second cd “Infrared” gained international notice and overall garnered favorable online and hard cover magazine reviews as well as radio play.

2018 will mark the release of her new concept album called “Fame” which tells the story of musicians we have lost to drugs, alcohol and suicide. In keeping with her “real life perspective” theme, Laurie is excited to share these new tracks that express emotional authenticity and reflects the nature of our humanness.

Laurie loves the independent musician. Knowing there is so much musical talent out in the universe she encourages other fellow musicians to embrace the internet platform and the opportunities it offers. Laurie’s intent is to develop a real connection with her listeners, enlighten and expand their perspectives while giving a sense of release and empowerment.