You are talented, creative and have some great art that you want to share with the world! Maybe you paint, maybe you tie fishing flies, make pottery or create custom tea bag sleeves (yes, there are people who do this…who knew, right?) but you have no idea how to get started?  Yep, I was in the same boat.  So in February of 2017 I came across the “Savvy Musician Academy” online course that was created by celtic metal artist Leah McHenry. It looked like it covered everything I needed to learn in order to be successful in reaching people online. I purchased the course and will be implementing the strategies she outlines and following her methodology! Many of the items I learned are transferable to other types of art, so if you are so inclined, please come on back to check out upcoming episodes!

In this vlog I share my thoughts on the course! If you are curious please click on the sideways triangle!

Looking forward to connecting with you next week!…until then…