So I recently attended the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver which is a huge trade show that showcases high end earphones. It’s the place where audiophiles roam freely and can be quite a sight (I mean that lovingly). If you are not familiar with “in ear” earphones, they actually have a sound port that you put memory foam tips on and insert them in your ears (I highly recommend Comply brand tips). What’s cool is that they really isolate well and you get to hear all of the nuances in the music which you won’t get with a cheap set of Apple “type” earbuds.

I was looking for a set specifically for “in studio” use so I don’t have to wear the heavy earphones while I perform and lay my tracks. I found a few good contenders and wanted to share my thoughts.

If you are a musician or someone who really appreciates good sound this vids for you!

See you next week!