It’s not a revelation to know that in order to improve in anything we have to take action. For us creative types, I agree, it can be hard to pry one’s butt off a comfy chair and start making some meaningful improvements in our art. I mean sometimes it’s just so much easier to “think” about improving while eating Poptarts and lounging.

Well I aim to show you what happens in the progression when you start making an effort to improve! Not sure what your sticking point is(?) but “getting started” has always been the battle for me. Once I motivate myself to start, I usually end up in the “zone,” and then time flies ‘cause I’m having fun…yep.

Today I am going to compare the first song I ever recorded in the studio to one of the latest songs I had recorded. I think you’ll be amazed as to how different they sound and are produced and how much we really learn as we go along!

So, hope this gives you a little motivation to move forward in your creative pursuits and “crush it” in your own art!

See you next week!