Hey ya!

I wanted to give a quick update regarding my music experiment. Not a whole lot that’s new but wanted to at least let you know where I’m am at this point. Things are coming together nicely and I have to admit it’s all starting to really get exciting. You know how daunting it can be when you start a project and you have to start making “something out of nothing” so to speak. Well I have been working on my art daily and seeing the results of all the pieces coming together! Everyone of you who are reading this has talent and I truly believe one of the main deciding factors between “successful” and “unsuccessful” is discipline and perseverance! So I say “go persevere!”

I also wanted to wish you a great Thanksgiving holiday! I surely have days where I feel the the wheels are coming off the bus but all in all life is pretty darn good! Hope you all have a great day however you choose to spend it!

See you next week!