Hello artists and art lovers,

I am going to rant today so be prepared. I guess we all know by now I have opinions and share them freely. This last year I feel like there has been a deluge of whining from “known” and “unknown” musicians who say the music industry is dead. I mean really??? WE HAVE THE WHOLE FREAKING INTERNET AT OUR DISPOSAL. They say that people don’t actually have to have talent anymore because of all of the music computer program tools like midi and autotune. Yes, everyone has the ability to create and be visible on the internet but I’m surely not going to buy crappy music full of bad midi tracks and autotune vocals, are you???…get my point???…where’s the threat??? I mean let’s get real here alright?!?!?

Change is inevitable. You can choose to embrace and roll with it or be mad and have a “pity party of one” until the end of time. Today I discuss the real possible cause of your lack of musical success. If you are ready for a little tough love…press play!

Hope life is treating you well and I will see you next week!