Oh geezzz, this update is seriously late and you have my regrets. The good news is that the music project is coming along quite well…the bad news, well I see a time management class in my future.

Hope you are all working on your art and everything is coming together for you as well. I as you might agree it’s great being in the “zone” but wow, the time goes by fast. I am in the process of deciding my marketing plan for this project. Once I have a plan that makes sense I’ll share with you how I arrived at creating it. I am guessing it will take time to see the results but hopefully following my trial and error will help you with your own plan.

In the video I share what this concept album is about, where it’s at in production, as well as letting you hear my upcoming thoughts for some marketing. Lots to do but admittedly a fun journey!

Looking forward to chatting again soon…