Good day to you!

I’m guessing, since you are a creative type of person (yes, we all are..don’t argue with me on this) that you may have experienced a “creative block”…yes? Not a whole lot of fun when you don’t know where to go next. Maybe you can’t finish a project, maybe you are having a hard time starting one, or in my case, I needed to “up” my game in an area but didn’t quite know how?

So last week I was in the recording studio recording some new music. I really thought I was prepared to create something fantastic. I played, I sang and went back into the control room to hear what I had done. Well, to say the least it was uninspiring, I mean I listened and thought, “meh”…this is exactly what I always do. After being disappointed by my performance, not to mention the waste of time and money, I didn’t allow myself to get mopey and fall into a “pity party of one.” Instead I took a step back and identified my weak area and where I was going wrong! I figured out a way to solve my issue and I am already hearing vast improvements!

So if you are are “stuck” and want to figure out how to get “unstuck” this blog is for you!

Hope your week is going fantastically! C-ya next week!