Hey you!

Hope you are doing well!

For today’s segment I have a special guest. If you remember in vlog #2 I shared my very first song that I ever recorded in a professional recording studio. At the time I had pretty serious, vomit inducing performance anxiety (kinda still do) and I was pretty intimidated by the experience. Well I had the coolest sound engineer ever to help me through my fear and he is my special guest today!

Matthew Zimmerman is one of the best sound engineers I have ever known and he is going to give us a few tips on how to prepare for a recording studio session. Let’s face it, studio time isn’t cheap but well worth it considering how great our music ends up sounding! Matthew tells us somethings to consider and how to prepare for a studio session so we make the most of our time and money!

Ok, so grab a snack and catch the clip…hope you find it helpful!

As always, have a great week and I’ll see you next week!