Hey ya!

Hope you had a good week!

Today’s video does a comparison between Fender thin vs medium picks.

When it comes to most things and especially art, we live in a very subjective world, right? I would have not known this to be true based on the research I found when I sought out opinions on “thin vs medium” picks. I wanted to see what pick preference people were partial to (how fun is that sentence?) I did not take issue with their preferences, what got my knickers in a twist is HOW they articulated their preferences. There are a lot of “self professed” experts on the internet these days and their opinions seem to be very “right or wrong” based. I just want to hammer home that in “art” there really are no absolutes. What looks, sounds and feels good to me may make someone else cringe and tun inside out.

So with this video, my point wasn’t to test the picks. It was to say, although it’s nice to get some feedback from others, you ultimately need to trust what you feel is right and go with your gut. No one ever became famous by following the crowd!

Be the unique, crazy freak you have always wanted to be! We’ll love ya just the same!

Have an awesome week and I’ll see you soon!