Hey ya!

So what is perfection? Not the same for everyone right? You know, it’s like going to a garage sale, someone’s junk is another’s treasure…we all see things differently (ok, not sure if that analogy makes sense but it’s all I got today…) My point is, in order to make something happen or get some notice in the creative world, we gotta put some of our creations out there right? But we want our creations to be perfect so people will like them and not say mean things. Well I can say I have held myself back many times trying to attain the unattainable perfect creation.

In this video I wanted to share my very first, real song I ever wrote and put out there for the world to hear…and you know what?…it’s far from perfect. If you are interested in the story behind my first song, as well as hearing the song in a lyric video at the end, than this video is for you! In order to move ahead, we just gotta start…yes?

Hope life is treating you awesomely well my friend!…until next time…