Hey all!

In this video I give you a little overview of my music experiment! I’m a little “green” at the vlogging thing but hoping you’ll cut me some slack until I get my groove on!

Most of you probably have something that you love doing and want to pursue but maybe are a little too shy, busy, intimidated or just don’t have the time to explore.

Well I am going to pursue my goal of being an online musician. I am essentially starting at ground zero! I am hoping that if you join me in my journey it will take away some of the unknowns, maybe remove some of the scariness and motivate you to exercise your own talents as well! Let’s get a little camaraderie going on here shall we?

So I’ll post a video a week and keep you updated regarding my progress along with sharing some music and generally talking about the  bizarre oddities of life!

…until next time my friend…