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Music Marketing – Finding Your Target Market



Hope you have had a nice summer! It’s amazing how fast it went, right?!?! Well I hope you were able to squeeze in sometime to work on your music or other art!

My music project is almost finished and I am just putting on the final touches. It has taken me over a year and a half to put it all together and it’s been a great journey. Now I REALLY better get my marketing game on as the release is nearing!

In the last segment we talked about figuring out who we are as artists and being comfortable in our own skin. We also talked about finding our bigger purpose. With those two in place we are on solid ground and it’s time to figure out our target market.

In this video I share how I determined who is my target market…so if interested, pull up a chair and push play!



Music Marketing – Step 1!


Hey ya!

As a musician or other artist you know if you want to get your art out into the world you’ll need to come up with a marketing plan. There are now a lot of online marketing courses out there that are designed specifically for musicians and other artists that claim they will get you results. Often the price tag for these courses are high. I was one of those people who bought an online course only to find the marketing techniques taught did not align with my values and was not a fit for my personality.

You as a person and an artist are unique and your marketing plan should be unique as you. There are lots of similar products out there but each company needs to personalize their brand and marketing to reflect their values. This holds the same for musicians and other artists.

In this video I share with you how I started devising my marketing plan. The answers to two questions helped me construct a comfortable and solid foundation for my soon to be implemented marketing efforts.

If interested, please grab a snack and have a look!



Online Music Marketing Courses…are they worth the money?



I know there are a lot of you musicians out there wondering if the online music marketing courses are worth the money? Back in 2016 I took the Savvy Musician “Online Musician 2.0” course and in this video I will share with you my thoughts regarding online music marketing courses.

If you are contemplating purchasing one please pull up a chair and hit “play” for some insights!

See you soon!


Music Update – April, May, June 2018



Oh geezzz, this update is seriously late and you have my regrets. The good news is that the music project is coming along quite well…the bad news, well I see a time management class in my future.

Hope you are all working on your art and everything is coming together for you as well. I as you might agree it’s great being in the “zone” but wow, the time goes by fast. I am in the process of deciding my marketing plan for this project. Once I have a plan that makes sense I’ll share with you how I arrived at creating it. I am guessing it will take time to see the results but hopefully following my trial and error will help you with your own plan.

In the video I share what this concept album is about, where it’s at in production, as well as letting you hear my upcoming thoughts for some marketing. Lots to do but admittedly a fun journey!

Looking forward to chatting again soon…



March 2018 Music Project Update


Hello My Friend!

Hope you are doing well and working hard on your art! It’s been a long winter and time to ramp things up! It always feel good to step it up in spring, doesn’t it?

Things are starting to get exciting with the music project. I have been faithfully meeting my three month goals and we are “a movin’ forward!”

There is so much I want to share with you. There are many things that I am doing differently now than in the past that I feel are going to make this project so much more successful. The new techniques I am implementing are changing the game for me so perhaps if I share them they will for you too!

Here’s an update on the music project, so if you’d like, please pull up the couch and tune in!

Best to you all and talk again soon!


February 2018 Music Project Update


Happy February!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to 2018! For me, so far so good and fingers crossed it continues! I was only going to take December off due to the holidays but I missed January as well. I had gotten sick, had to do some traveling, blah, blah, blah…so now I’m back. For the moment I will provide updates on my music project monthly. I may do more later on as I progress but I think monthly is the right pace at this point in time until things get rolling at a quicker pace.

In this video I recap the end of December and share with you my end of year goals (and if I attained them?) and also share my new 2018 ones. I like to set three month goals because they are a bit easier for me to manage and seem more attainable to me.

I really hope you are working hard on your own art whether it’s music or something else! Feels so good to be creative, doesn’t it!

I’ll see you in March!