March 2018 Music Project Update


Hello My Friend!

Hope you are doing well and working hard on your art! It’s been a long winter and time to ramp things up! It always feel good to step it up in spring, doesn’t it?

Things are starting to get exciting with the music project. I have been faithfully meeting my three month goals and we are “a movin’ forward!”

There is so much I want to share with you. There are many things that I am doing differently now than in the past that I feel are going to make this project so much more successful. The new techniques I am implementing are changing the game for me so perhaps if I share them they will for you too!

Here’s an update on the music project, so if you’d like, please pull up the couch and tune in!

Best to you all and talk again soon!


February 2018 Music Project Update


Happy February!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to 2018! For me, so far so good and fingers crossed it continues! I was only going to take December off due to the holidays but I missed January as well. I had gotten sick, had to do some traveling, blah, blah, blah…so now I’m back. For the moment I will provide updates on my music project monthly. I may do more later on as I progress but I think monthly is the right pace at this point in time until things get rolling at a quicker pace.

In this video I recap the end of December and share with you my end of year goals (and if I attained them?) and also share my new 2018 ones. I like to set three month goals because they are a bit easier for me to manage and seem more attainable to me.

I really hope you are working hard on your own art whether it’s music or something else! Feels so good to be creative, doesn’t it!

I’ll see you in March!



Music Experiment Update


Hi All,

Just wanted to give you a quick update before I take a few weeks off over the holidays! Not too much new to report but I am on track to finish my fifth song on my concept EP by the end of December. I have to say that enforcing some discipline on myself helped me “stay the course” to reach my goals.

I will have new and exciting things to share in 2018! Once I am done writing the “meat and potatoes” part of the songs I will start to fill them out in Logic Pro. I will also talk with my friend Matthew about putting together a live production and probably start marketing a little harder too. I also am contemplating adding a short film with this concept cd so lots on deck!

I hope all of you have a great holiday! I celebrate Christmas and a Merry Christmas to you if you do as well! If there is a different holiday you celebrate I hope it is enjoyable!

So here’s to what was a great 2017 and to an even better 2018! Look forward to chatting again in January!

Best to you all!


Music Experiment Update 4


Hey ya!

I wanted to give a quick update regarding my music experiment. Not a whole lot that’s new but wanted to at least let you know where I’m am at this point. Things are coming together nicely and I have to admit it’s all starting to really get exciting. You know how daunting it can be when you start a project and you have to start making “something out of nothing” so to speak. Well I have been working on my art daily and seeing the results of all the pieces coming together! Everyone of you who are reading this has talent and I truly believe one of the main deciding factors between “successful” and “unsuccessful” is discipline and perseverance! So I say “go persevere!”

I also wanted to wish you a great Thanksgiving holiday! I surely have days where I feel the the wheels are coming off the bus but all in all life is pretty darn good! Hope you all have a great day however you choose to spend it!

See you next week!



Cool Creative Tool


Hey all!

We are all creative people and if you are like me, you are always looking for new ways to make your art unique and different so it stands out from the masses. Well today I wanted to introduce you to a new creative tool called the “Jamstik!” It’s a portable wireless guitar that can also serve as a midi controller and it’s a blast to use. I’ll give you a quick overview and then leave some links for you so you can read more about it if you wish!

If you like to color out of the lines this video is for you.

Until next time, have a great week!



Selecting a Vocal Coach


Howdy all!

Last week I talked about five things that I felt were having a positive impact on the quality of my music. Well today I just wanted to expand on one of them and share with you how I procured a vocal coach. In my mind I thought vocal coaches were all basically created equal but I found out very quickly that is not the case…duh, right!?! As I started searching I could see there was a lot to consider.

So in this video I outline how I found a vocal coach that resonated with me and fit with my music!

Hope you find this helpful and I’ll see you next time!